Dr Derek Enlander writes to Dean, Royal Society of Medicine

Reference: RSM demonstration 28th April 2008 | Help ME Circle | 9 March 2008

Dr Derek Enlander MD, Mount Sinai Medical School and New York ME/CFS Center, US has written to the Dean of the Royal Society of Medicine

From: Dr Derek Enlander
RSM 28th April 2008

The Dean
Royal Society of Medicine


I think it is absurd for the Royal Society of Medicine to promote a meeting on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis where the predominant thrust is the psychiatric aspect of this physical disease.

There is enough physical evidence over the past fifty years, dating from Melvin Ramsay’s work in 1955, to show that this is a primary physical problem with secondary psychological depression.

I would presume that the august body, R.S.M., would not hold a cancer forum staffed predominately with psychiatrists. The notion that psychiatrists could treat cancer on the thesis that secondary depression in cancer is the cause and therefore the prime treatment modality. Perhaps you see the absurdity.

Please invite clinicians and physicians to speak at your meeting on the medical aspects and medical treatment of M.E., there happens to be a medical conference on this very subject in Cambridge a few days later, some of the clinicians speaking at this meeting may be interested in participating in the R.S.M.

After all, you are a medical and not a psychiatric society.

Dr Derek Enlander, M.D.,M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Lon)
New York.


Dr Enlander will be amongst the speakers at the

New Horizons 2008 – International Conference on ME/CFS Biomedical Research

Hosted and sponsored jointly by ME Research UK and the Irish ME Trust, the New Horizons 2008: International Conference on ME/CFS Biomedical Research takes place on Tuesday 6th May 2008 at the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre.


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