MEA issue position statement on RSM CFS Conference

I had intended contacting the ME Association, this week, for a position statement on the Royal Society of Medicine Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference. However, the ME Association has issued the following, today:

MEA statement on Royal Society of Medicine meeting on CFS

The ME Association fully shares the concerns of a growing number of our members who have been contacting us about the strong psychiatric/psychological bias to the presentations that will be given to a meeting on CFS at the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) on April 28.

When we were first contacted about this meeting by the RSM we included details on our website and in our magazine ‘Events Diary’ – as we believe everyone should be made aware of meetings and conferences that may be of interest to both people with ME/CFS and to health professionals.

We then asked the RSM if it would be possible for the MEA to have a stand at the conference in order to provide some balanced information as to why so many people with ME/CFS are unable to accept the psychosocial model of this illness and why they believe that the recommendations in the new NICE guideline relating to CBT and GET are so seriously flawed. Our request for a stand, for which we were willing to pay, was turned down by the RSM.

We also understand that one of the speakers taking part has stated that he would “…urge folk from the ME/CFS “activist”/patient/carer community to attend with an open mind and participate…“. However, the RSM has stated that ‘…the meeting is not appropriate for patients’.

The start of 2008 sees a number of medical and scientific meetings on ME/CFS taking place. Those meetings that are stressing the need for a more biomedical approach to ME/CFS have made it clear that they welcome attendance from anyone who is interested in helping to increase our understanding of this illness, and as the recent meeting in Southampton demonstrated this can include a very useful input from the patient community.

It is hard to understand why the RSM has failed to grasp the opportunity to embrace this concept and put on a meeting that really does take a broad look at an illness that is classified as neurological by the World Health Organisation.

ME Association

17 March 2008



Royal Society of Medicine | Monday 28th April 2008
Wimpole Street and Henrietta Street | 1pm to 6pm
Enquiries to organiser Gus Ryan 
Information here and here


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