Who’s behind the RSM CFS Conference?

Yesterday morning, I put a number of questions to Ms Bina Arpino, RSM Events Administration, CCd to Mrs Jo Parkinson, RSM Director of Education and Professional Development.

I wrote that it was my understanding that RSM conferences can be planned by the RSM around topics proposed by external bodies, organisations or companies.

I asked for clarification of whether this RSM conference topic had been initiated internally or externally and whether this “CFS” conference has sponsors.

I also raised additional questions concerning the selection processes for the members of the CFS conference Planning Committee and the identification and selection of conference speakers.

See Further questions to the RSM

See also  http://www.rsm.ac.uk/sponsorship/plan.php and


When I have received responses from the RSM to these questions I will report, here, on Read ME UK Events.

Has AfME and the MEA established who initiated this conference?  The MEA received a press handout from the RSM in December 2007 and were asked for their help with publicising the event – plenty of time then for both patient organisations to have established who is behind this conference.

If the conference was initiated externally, who are the most likely initiators?


My money’s on NICE or UNUM.

Yesterday, I reported that Dr John Scadding, Dean of the Royal Society of Medicine and Chair of the CFS Conference Planning Committee, is a Consultant neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Neurology. 

There has been more than one account on the internet, in the past couple of years, from patients who have reported bad experiences of the National Hospital, as both in-patients and out-patients under consultants other than Dr John Scadding, and I shall return to this later. 

Whether Dr Scadding receives referrals from patients with ME or suspected ME, in a clinical setting and what his opinions on the aetiology and treatment of ME patients might be, are not yet known.

In 2006, Dr Scadding participated in the NICE 2006 Tackling Health Priorities Annual Conference and Exhibition, at the ICC in Birmingham, in which, incidently, Dr Ian Gibson, MP and Ms Sally Crowe also took part.


On Day 2 of the conference, Dr Scadding chaired the session:

Tackling treatment uncertainties together, In association with James Lind Alliance
  • Bringing patients and clinicians together in “working partnerships” to identify and prioritise the most important unanswered questions  
  • Ensuring that those who fund health research are aware of what matters to patients and clinicians
  • An update on progress, sharing the successes and disappointments

In the chair
Dr John Scadding, Consultant Neurologist, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Sally Crowe, Director, Crowe Associates
Mark Fenton, Editor, DUETs, James Lind Alliance
Sophie Petit- Zeman, Director of Public Dialogue, Association of Medical Research Charities


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