Dr Enlander calls on HRH for Removal of Royal patronage

From: DEnlander@aol.com

Removal of the Royal patronage from the Royal Society of Medicine

HRH The Queen
Buckingham Palace

2 April 2008

Your Majesty
I would like to bring your attention to indiscretions of a Royal Society. The Royal Society of Medicine has formed an alliance with an insurance company, UNUM. This company has been held liable in refusing to compensate patients who are sick claiming that they are psychiatric.

The Royal Society of Medicine has invited members of this company to speak at a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome conference in which they and others will portray the psychiatric viewpoint to the exclusion of physical medical research.

Physicians and medical clinicians who treat this disease are excluded. This is an injustice to patients who are too ill to battle this insurance company and the Royal Society of Medicine .

Their actions are egregious, in fact they harm patients, the actions of the Royal Society of Medicine are not in keeping with your Majesty’s insignia.

I would humbly suggest, your Majesty, that you review the Royal Patent that this society has been appended and perhaps remove the Royal privilege from their name.

I, am, your humble servant,

Derek Enlander, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.


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