Eight days, no answers

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Last Monday I put the following questions to the RSM:

To: Ms Bina Arpino, RSM Administration
CC: Mrs Jo Parkinson, RSM Director of Education and Professional Development

Sent: Monday, March 3

Subject: Concerning the planning of CFS Conference 28 April 2008

Dear Ms Arpino,

It is my understanding that RSM conferences can be planned by the RSM around topics proposed by external bodies, organisations or companies.

With regard to the forthcoming conference on Chronic fatigue syndrome, on 28 April, I should be pleased if you would clarify the following:

1] Was the concept for this CFS conference initiated internally or externally and does the conference have sponsors?

2] If externally, please specify which companies, bodies or organisations initiated the concept and/or have sponsorship status within this specific conference?

If internally, are any companies, bodies or organisations sponsoring this conference and who are these sponsors?

3] Through what process were members of the CFS Conference Planning Committee, other than RSM office holders and personnel, appointed?

4] Through what process were potential speakers for this conference identified, that is:

was the drawing up of a list of potential speakers for this specific conference the preserve of the CFS Planning Committee or did any external body or organisation with an interest in, or sponsorship status within the conference put forward suggestions for potential speakers, and if so, please specify which bodies or organisations and which speakers were identified as a result;

was any external body or organisation not directly involved with the conference or a sponsor of the conference consulted by the RSM for suggestions for potential speakers, and if so please specify which bodies or organisations were approached and which speakers were identified as a result.


Suzy Chapman


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