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This new page will be used to display some of the messages you’ve been sending to the Dean of the RSM, like the example below, from Ciaran Farrell.  If you’d like your message featured – send me a copy of the text and I’ll add your message to the Postcard page.

To: Dr John Scadding, Dean RSM

Dear Dr. Scadding,
I am absolutely appalled by the lack of scientific rigour and balance within the RSM Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference of 28th April 2008 which has a very high level of pro psychiatric and psychological bias against the physical neurological disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, ME. ME is classified by the World Health Organisation in the International Classification of Diseases at G93.3 in the Neurological Chapter, and has been so since 1969, and is not a mental disorder as many of the speakers at the conference erroneously believe. As an ME sufferer I am outraged that the physical disability and debility I suffer from is being portrayed as “all in the mind” by doctors like those speaking at your conference who refuse to listen to patients like me.

Yours Sincerely
Ciaran Farrell, London NW5


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