RiME issues position statement on RSM

Paul Davis of RiME has provided me with the following position statement on the RSM CFS Conference for inclusion in the “On a Postcard, please” Campaign Flyer.

Campaigning for Research into ME (RiME)

RSM Meeting 28/4/08

RiME disassociates itself from the above meeting. This type of forum is not only unhelpful but harmful in that it enmeshes a neuro-immune-endocrine-vascular disease (ME) with a range of other conditions, some of which might respond to psychiatric / psychological models of treatment. That an organisation which purports to represent ME patients’ interests would participate shows the depths to which it has sunk. Instead of fighting the ME patient’s corner, it cosies up to the establishment. I wonder why? Shame on it.

Paul Davis
6 April 08

Position statements issued by the following national ME patient organisations can be found here:

AfME (First statement)


AfME (Second statement)


ME Association


25% M.E. Group


The Young ME Sufferers Trust


Invest in ME


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