RSM: ME, psychosocial school: Peter Kemp

RSM: ME, psychosocial school

From Peter Kemp

If I had any faith in the powers that be within the medical establishments of the United Kingdom; I would welcome the Royal Society of Medicine conference on ME/CFS.

I believe that were they to live up to the claim that this is a scienctific and evidence based conference, they would be forced to conclude that the psychosocial school theories are unproven and are not supported by solid research. They might also find that the years dominated by these theories have resulted in a shocking lack of progress in addressing a serious health problem in the UK.

If medical doctors had claimed to understand ME/CFS but had demonstrated a similar inability to address the problem, their theories would have been discredited and dismissed years ago.

How long can the medical authorities of the UK continue supporting people who have so utterly failed?

The forthcoming conference would be an ideal opportunity for a mainstream medical organization to identify this failure and to withdraw support from the psychosocial school of thinking on ME/CFS.

I have no faith that this will happen.

How many more years will be wasted?

Peter Kemp

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