NICE CFS/ME Judicial Review: new YouTube

The NICE M.E. Guidelines Judicial Review new YouTube video

“Annette Barclay talks about the impending legal challenge to the NICE guidelines on M.E.”

8.17 mins

by GBCOne

Added 4 January 2008


For information about the Judicial Review and copies of NICE JR related documents by Margaret Williams go to:

For a document setting out what a Judicial Review is, what it is not, and how it works see:

Supporters’ website:

An unoffical site has been set up for supporters of the NICE CFS/ME Judicial Review, for information and updates for those planning to attend the hearing and for those able to offer assistance with arrangements and publicity. The site can be found at:

Please note that ME agenda site and Suzy Chapman have no connection with either of the two legal cases involved in the Judicial Review or with the supporters’ website.  All enquiries about this Judicial Review, including media enquiries, should be directed to the legal firms concerned or to the High Court, as appropriate.  Members of the ME community and their advocates planning to attend the Court hearing or who are able to offer assistance should direct enquiries about arrangements for what is currently scheduled for at least a two day hearing, to the web master of the NICE CFS/ME Judicial Review Supporters’ website.

Previous postings around the NICE Judicial Review are archived under Judicial Review in the Categories list in the left hand sidebar of ME agenda site.

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