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It’s hoped that as many of you as possible will join the demo outside the Royal Society of Medicine on Monday, 28 April – if only for an hour or so. But if you’re not well enough to attend, can a carer, friend or relative come instead?

And if no-one can come on your behalf, can you please send a postcard to the RSM?

Postcard Campaign

With eight days to go before the RSM conference, I’m launching the “On a Postcard, please” Campaign as a means by which those of you who can’t attend the demo can still have a voice.

You’ve seen the line-up for this conference: the Planning Committee included Wessely, White, Hotopf and Bhui. The presenters include Wessely (KCL), White (BARTS, PACE Trial), Hotopf, Moss-Morris, Dowrick (FINE Trial) and Cleare (IoP) yet the conference is being promoted as taking “a broad look at chronic fatigue syndrome”.

The Dean of the RSM is Dr John Scadding, a Consultant neurologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Neurology; Dr Scadding also chairs the CFS Conference Planning Committee.

Please write to the Dean and tell him what’s wrong with this conference.

The influence of Wessely and White impacts on the quality of care, services and financial support that ME sufferers receive and on the treatments and testing to which they have access both here in the UK, and internationally – can you send a postcard to the RSM even if you live outside the UK?

An A6 or 4″ x 6″ piece of card or stiff paper will do if you don’t have a plain postcard to hand.

Post card front

Address as above.

Post Card Back

On the back, write, print or paste your own message.

You might want to focus on the psychiatric/psychological bias to the presentations and maybe include an issue such as research funding, CBT/GET, CFS Clinics, UNUM or NICE; whatever. Or you may want to raise questions about the planning and development of the conference, itself, and whose initiative this was.

Keep it courteous and constructive.
Don’t forget the stamp!

If you’re not up to writing, please ask someone to write it for you.

If you’re not able to get out, ask someone to post it for you to arrive before Monday 28 April.

If you’re sending from outside the UK please allow extra time for delivery.

In the run up to this contentious conference I’m urging as many of you as possible to take the opportunity of making the RSM aware of your concerns.

Can hundreds of us here in the UK and internationally, let the Dean know what we think?

Thank you!

For a PDF of the RSM CFS Conference programme click here


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